Community Enhancement Project

Exciting Renovation Announcement

Expanding Our Support

We are thrilled to share some uplifting news with our community! Lighthouse Mission is embarking on a renovation project that speaks directly to our commitment to supporting those battling addiction.

Recognizing the ever-growing need for detox facilities and understanding the critical role they play in the journey towards long-term freedom, we’re taking a significant step forward. This renovation will allow us to introduce 10 new detox beds to our facility. These additions will significantly amplify our capacity to serve, ensuring that more individuals have immediate access to the care and support they need at the outset of their recovery journey.

Our goal has always been to be a beacon of hope, support, and recovery. With these new beds, we aim to provide a tangible manifestation of this, reinforcing our dedication to aiding those seeking freedom from addiction.

To our community, supporters, and partners – thank you for standing with us. Your unwavering support fuels projects like this, allowing us to continuously expand our reach and deepen our impact. Together, we’re building bridges towards a brighter, addiction-free future.

Honoring Our Esteemed Partners in Progress

As we embark on this transformative journey to expand our facilities and amplify our impact, we want to take a moment to recognize and express our deepest gratitude to the invaluable partners who have made this endeavor possible. Each has played a pivotal role, lending their support, resources, and vision to bring our collective mission to life. A heartfelt thank you to:
  • Government of Canada for their strategic guidance and generous funding.
  • Government of Manitoba for aligning with our vision and extending unparalleled support.
  • City of Winnipeg for their unwavering commitment to community welfare and development.
  • Kinsmen Club Winnipeg for their deep-rooted belief in our cause and significant contribution.
  • Winnipeg Foundation for their consistent encouragement and financial support, aiding in the realization of this project.

Your collaboration and faith in Lighthouse Mission’s purpose are the cornerstones of this renovation. Together, we’re creating spaces of healing and hope, enabling long-term freedom for many. We’re honored to walk this path with such dedicated partners.

Lighthouse Mission Detox Program


At Lighthouse Mission, we understand the intricate challenges faced by those grappling with addiction. Recognizing the immediate and dire need for crisis intervention, we’ve launched our Detox Program as an essential first step in the recovery journey. Our purpose is clear: to provide immediate, emergency detox services for individuals seeking a respite from the grips of addiction and aspire for long-term freedom.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Addiction, often a complex interplay of physical, psychological, and environmental factors, demands a multifaceted approach. Our Detox Program not only focuses on the immediate physical detoxification but also provides psychological support, ensuring that individuals have a stable foundation upon which to build their recovery.

Partnerships for a Sustainable Recovery

Realizing that detox is just the beginning of a long and often challenging journey towards complete recovery, Lighthouse Mission is committed to ensuring that every individual has a clear pathway post-detox. We’re proud to announce partnerships with leading treatment organizations that specialize in long-term addiction treatment. Once an individual completes the detox phase, we facilitate a seamless transition to one of our partner institutions where they can continue their recovery journey, fortified by comprehensive therapeutic interventions and support.

By bridging the gap between immediate detox and long-term treatment, we aim to maximize the chances of successful, sustainable recovery, ensuring that every individual can reclaim their life, free from the shackles of addiction.

Making a Difference

Lighthouse Mission's New Detox Beds

Who This Will Help

Our expansion is dedicated to those battling addiction – individuals who, due to circumstances and challenges, find themselves entrapped in a cycle they wish to break. These are our neighbors, friends, and family members, yearning for a fresh start and a life of freedom.

Why It Will Help Them

Addiction is not just a personal struggle; it’s often a cry for support, understanding, and structured intervention. Having a local facility that provides immediate detox support can be the pivotal difference between prolonged suffering and the commencement of a transformative recovery journey.

How It Will Help Them

The addition of 10 new detox beds means more than just increased capacity. It represents immediate care, timely intervention, and a safe environment for detoxification. Coupled with our holistic approach, which addresses physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs, individuals are provided a comprehensive support system as they initiate their recovery.

What We Do

At Lighthouse Mission, we don’t just offer beds. We offer hope, guidance, and a structured pathway towards long-term freedom from addiction. By bridging immediate detoxification with long-term treatment through our valuable partnerships, we ensure a seamless recovery journey.

Benefits to the Greater Community & City

A stronger, healthier community benefits us all. By addressing addiction at its roots, we’re not only transforming individual lives but also cultivating a safer, more cohesive community. Every person we help reintegrate into society is a testament to the power of communal support. This initiative reduces the strain on public health resources, decreases crime associated with substance abuse, and fosters a more inclusive and empathetic city environment. Ultimately, as we uplift each individual, we uplift our entire city, ensuring Winnipeg remains a beacon of hope, resilience, and communal strength.

A Day in the Lighthouse Mission Detox Program

Stepping into our detox program, every day is structured to foster both healing and hope. A typical day begins with regular support from our dedicated team, ensuring every individual feels seen and supported. Morning reflections often draw upon biblical principles, setting a positive, faith-driven tone for the day ahead.

As the morning progresses, participants are treated to nutritious meals, thoughtfully prepared and brought directly to them, ensuring they receive the physical nourishment vital for recovery. Post mealtime, the day unfolds with a mix of individual counseling sessions and group supports. These interactions are designed to not only address immediate challenges but also to paint a vivid picture of “what your life could look like” post-detox, filling participants with aspiration and motivation.

During leisure moments, individuals can indulge in some relaxation with the available TV or, for a breath of fresh air, head to our serene rooftop space. Here, they can soak in the calming atmosphere, meditate, or simply reflect on their journey.

Embedded in every aspect of the day is an undercurrent of love, encouragement, and the unwavering belief that a brighter future is attainable.